Stankevicius Philanthropy Involvement

Stankevicius takes part in fundraising for needy children all over the world. The company intends to stand on its core identity of giving back to the society. The kind gesture from Stankevicius is achieved as the company indulges in fundraising from its successful clients, thereby giving the generated funds to children.

Building the Future for Children

Education is the bedrock for any society to flourish and this has to do with acquiring beneficial knowledge, skills, moral values, beliefs, and habits. Children’s education will propel our little ones into a bright start in the future, thus making our world a better place to live in. Our sole aim is to seriously invest in things that will help prepare children for the future, including having an adequate provision for education, food, clothing, healthcare, and housing.

Stankevicius Children Fond

According to data collected from 89 countries around the world, The World Bank Group and UNICEF estimated that over 380 million children lived in extreme poverty in 2013. Sadly, we can only assume this number has increased over the years. Living under extreme poverty conditions is a situation so hard to explain that it can be impossible to understand for the lucky ones who haven’t suffered through it. Many causes lead to child poverty including unemployment, social services, government policies, discrimination and disabilities. It is important to know that giving money isn’t the only way you can help children in need; you can dedicate time, share your knowledge by tutoring kids, be a counselor, and even give away clothes or toys that are still in good shape. Your time and efforts are the most important gifts you have to offer.

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"Because they can grow into leaders. Because they can create more good. Because they will innovate the new future. Because they deserve to be happy."

Paulius Stankevicius
Chief Executive Officer at Stankevicius