Media is a new business. Revolution in sales.


Media revolution in sales

When a company is trying to close a lead or get an investor, a lot of convincing is required to do. Clients are getting smarter, and since there are many options to choose from, the company has to be very consistent and have one thing that makes them slightly different.

According to Stankevicius analytics, a positive media coverage, whether it's international or local, has a direct impact on the client's decision making. If a vendor has positive publications in a reputable media about the brand and services, it increases trust to the company and brand equity.

A client is most likely to select a vendor with global media coverage than a vendor with no coverage because when everybody has the same background, the little extra things make the difference.

For companies, media coverage can bring sales, but it doesn't mean that sales would come easy. Management often tends to think that having an article in the media would automatically bring the audience to the company, however, consider that media business is as competitive as any other, and so articles compete with each other for attention.

From the sales perspective, it is not recommended to wait for inbound leads, rather keep regular outbound sales strategies and use media coverage as a unique advantage when clients ask about the competitive edge.