International media is important regardless of the local focus


Global markets

Standing out from the crowd is the only way to get noticed. Media can impact decision making directly.

Clients are overwhelmed with daily offers as usually the same type of companies keep offering the same type of services.

A case example
A client is searching for a service provider but its difficult to choose one. A client is looking for a local agency to handle online marketing activities. Note that from sales perspective, getting into client’s thinking is essential so you can then predict the outcome.

Imagine ten online marketing service providers offering the same social media services. All of these companies have the same success rate in terms of finance, client satisfaction, and business growth. How to choose the best?

Evaluating the company beyond its business capabilities
To make a professional analysis of similar vendors we have to look into an additional performance layer:

Is the company doing any extracurricular activities? (Maybe they are providing free marketing assistance for startups making them extra knowledgeable about marketing). Has the company got any awards? (Maybe the company has a marketing award with a great team of special online marketing experts?)

This is something that every service provider should add to the sales deck. When selling locally, it is difficult to provide extraordinary accomplishments because the local market is limited and most of the leading vendors have the same achievements.

Globalization is a must
To stand out, the company must have a global vision and global achievements. Being local is a choice but being global is an obligation that every business should focus on regardless of industry or company size. Whatever service a company is providing, it can also be extended to global operations through innovation and the internet.

Having global media coverage puts the company way ahead of its local competition. It shows that the company has been recognized in the industry, people respect it, the media talks about it, and it creates that missing extraordinary layer to prove to client that the company is different.

At Stankevicius we help companies to succeed not only by providing media support but also advising and consulting clients on how to differentiate a business uniquely within a specific industry.