Global markets can now be accessed easily


Global markets

In the current economy, global markets play a crucial role for local and global businesses, whether its a Chinese company selling to Europeans, US company selling nationally or European businesses selling to the Middle East.

It doesn’t matter what size is the company nor it matters where the customer is located because today most of the businesses perform online and with the help of the internet companies now reach clients and partners efficiently and immediately online.

Market accessibility has become difficult due to enormous competition. Most companies offering similar services are using the same channels to reach target audience globally which creates a bubble of randomness and confusion for customers.

In the end, it’s about differentiating. There is still one channel which is not as flooded as other ones such as social media, networking and community sites. That channel is the media.

Consider difficulties in accessing media
The company solution has to be truly interesting and unique to be approached by a journalist or a reporter. This means the solution has to be already working, proven and successful. Based on this reason alone, media access is already impossible for 90% of international SMEs.

Executives tend to think that whenever they achieve greatness, media will be easy to get. However, consider that with so many companies in the world, every day there is a new company and a new executive with an outstanding success story. Even when a company has an achievement, there is still competition between the achievers. Media then decides which achiever is worth the attention. The competition is fierce regardless of company size and the speed of growth.

Media has become a source of exclusivity as standards are now higher than ever before. The audience expect more and covered stories have to deliver that gap of interest. Since most of the companies have pretty similar stories such as from zero to hero, the story for the current media standard has to have more, including epic challenges and overcomings which often takes a lot of time to come up with, produce and deliver.

Consider media privileges
- Media provides the fastest access to the global audience in any industry around the world
- Media has the power to connect companies with investors
- Media has the influential power to raise company’s capital and at the same time take over competitors
- Media can bring international clients to a local company
- Media can influence an IPO
- Media can disrupt any scale businesses to become global leaders

Getting access to media
At Stankevicius, we assist clients in getting media coverage locally and globally. We have industry expertise and established global media network enabling us to provide clients with the best possible media coverage according to the exact customer requirements to reach their goals.

Regardless of client location, we can provide media coverage almost in any country in the world within six continents.